With every project, whatever the size, SB Joinery have the capability to deliver enduring quality with impeccable service.  Our key aim with each project is to offer a bespoke service that is easy, stress-free and as seamless as possible.  Everyone involved, from our customer service team to the craftsmen themselves, has your complete satisfaction in mind and will settle for nothing but the best.

Read on to discover the stages of the bespoke process...



Each project is entirely unique and requires a detailed and thorough understanding to be able to achieve a final piece that perfectly fits the space and the client’s vision.  Precision is foundational to luxury in joinery so the finer details must be mastered in the initial drawings.

Clients usually send in enquiries via email.  We can then review your schedules and concepts and discuss the finer details over a call.  If necessary, we can also attend a site visit to discuss your project on location.



Once we have fully grasped your joinery requirements, we will produce a proposal with options and variations to give you autonomy in form and material choice.  We welcome our clients to have part in the buying process to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final design.

We can visit you to discuss these details.  We will then finalise the design by presenting renders of the discussed concepts.  Clients can take this stage one step further with our 3D modelling service.

renders & modelling


Once the desired design has been approved, our operations team will spend time collating your details, arranging site surveys, producing drawings and preparing your joinery for manufacture.  At this stage, we will be able to advise you of the expected delivery date.

As these details and materials reach the hands of our skilled craftspeople, the final joinery piece will take form through the various stages of construction, finishing and glazing until it is ready for final quality inspection and packaging for transport.

(Note: the lead time quoted at the time of order only commences once the final manufacturing details have been agreed)



As we approach the expected delivery date, our dedicated transport team will contact you to make arrangements that work for both parties.  All goods are fully wrapped and protected prior to site delivery and our transport team will ensure they arrive in perfect condition.